KEA ProjectLAB

KEA ProjectLAB

Internship in Design & Tech

At projectLAB you are given the opportunity to work with AR and VR.

Currently we are looking for interns for our growing multidisciplinary community of learners, creators and designers.

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Be part of a great team! At projectLAB we work with people who would like to develop their design, technological, management and entrepreneurial skills.

How we work

Throughout the internship we are focusing on understanding human behaviour through research, we focus on understanding the digital and technology landscape, making prototyping and project management.

We work with clients

at ProjectLAB allows you to work with industry experts, drawing on their insight and experience.

Problem Solving

Together with partners from both the private and public sector ProjectLAB conducts research and prototypes to solve complex digital problems. Our main focus is innovation and entrepreneurship.

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