See our cases

See our cases

Case 1

Small islands schools

The small islands of Denmark, 27 in total, make out a unique part of Danish cultural history. However, primary school services are fundamental for the continued survival of these small, secluded, and often hard to reach, communities.  

Despite the fact that a relatively large number of families with children show an interest in moving to the small Danish islands and becoming part of the island communities, only 8 out of the 27 islands were able to offer public school services to their inhabitants in 2015. Depopulation is a major challenge to effectively run school services in these unique settings, and it is difficult for the island communities to attract and retain qualified teachers and school administrators, and as a result classes are often merged across grades  

As a result, the ProjectLAB at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology in cooperation with students from University College Copenhagen, aims to develop an innovative learning environment that makes use of VR technology to encourage students from small Danish island communities to start experience an immersive and individualized VR experience focused on specific academic content. As a scaled solution, this could also be a solution that provided the opportunity  to stay an additional year on the island for the purpose of developing maturity without loss of learning.

Case 2

Copenhagen This way – Augmented Reality

Copenhagen This way is a company that arranges guided tours around i Copenhagen The tours a design around different theme.

As a supplement to the guided tours, Copenhagen This way want to develop an Augmented Reality experience, so that the audience through their smartphones can gain information about e.g. facts, history, artefac (using text, infographic, photos, video etc.) on one on a guided tours.

The task is:

  • To create a AR experience for smartphones, so that the audience via their smartphone can retrieve information and experience on specific locations by using trigger points.
  • Research, collect and edit information and material in relation to a specific location, and transform it into a AR experience.

Case 3

Christiansø´s history

The issue:  How can Christiansø raise awareness of the island’s transforming from a fishing society to an Island based on experience economy?

People who visit the islands are mostly the 3-hour tourists who take the last boat to Bornholm in the late afternoon. These are the tourists we wish to convey Christiansø’s and cultural history with the main focus on the fishing history, living conditions and traditions related to this life.

To visit the two islands; Frederiksø and Christiansø a protected sea fortress can feel like being allowed to walk around in a huge ascent history piece, but until 2014 it was a living fishing society.

The task and  is to create a AR experience that will show the life on the islands.

The administrator Jens Peter Koefoed wants an experience where the user with their smartphone can retrieve information and experience locally on site by using trigger points. Since the islands are protected and no signs can be placed anywhere on walls or in the nature, it is important to use the modern digital technology.

The AR experience can focus on different subjects in the years between either 1900-1940 or 1945-2014.

1. From about 1900-1940.  Select one of the following themes:

a) The fishing men, their boats and fishing tools.

b) Living conditions and traditions

c) Communication possibilities with the outside world

2. From 1945 -2014

The changes concerning the same themes & issues as above.

Case 4


The campaign are to be launched in relation to CheseRace DTC tournament at Jyllandsringen early October 2018 – where the will be held at an event located at “Jyllandsringen” (a physical racing facility in Jutland). The VR trailer will be shown at this event.

ChaseRace want you to:

Develop marketing material for ChaseRace, using VR as the core media components.

The material must include at least one VR Trailer for ChaseRace plus two  presentation/marketing video presenting the gameunivers.

As a supplement to this ChaseRace wants you to develop Ideas and prototypes for use of other VR-tech content for the overall marketing.

Add. VR-Trailer: The inspiring Experience

Make a VR-Trailer, that presents the game universe and gives the potential customer a sense of the game univers (and maybe the gameplay).

  • Create the environment around a racing track.
  • Be you own guide in a e-sport univers

Case 5

En bedre turistoplevelse på Christiansø


Hvordan kan vi, med en digital løsning, fortælle om Christiansø’s historie og samtidig styrke turistoplevelsen på øen?

Løsning og Konceptet

Applikation til smartphones, der gør det muligt for brugeren at opleve et historie drevet 3D-lydunivers, og som tillader fordybelse og læring om nogle af de vigtigste historiske begivenheder på Christiansø.

Vores Resultat

Det vi så har udviklet er Christiansø – en 3D Sound applikation –

Det vi så har arbejdet på de sidste 4 uger, er en velfungerende prototype med 3D lyd, der kan bruges på et specifikt punkt på øen, kan indarbejdes på en smartphone og appellerer til de turister, der besøger øen.